F-4 Phantom II

This is probably the “best” one I’ve built yet.  It was also a complicated build.  I’m glad I did the RC Powers builds first before attempting this one.  I read the build blog for this one for lots of tips and hints.  There was a 6mm RC build guide for the model but it was aimed at a modified version of the original designer’s plans.  The original plans had called for a full moving tail plain – just like the real F-4.   The anhedral tail plain was a bitch to get right because I could not find many good photos of what other more experienced builders did to get this working.  In the end the tail plain works great and I think is probably the “correct” design.  Oh, and I added 5 degrees positive angle to the thrust line.  I think that really helped with the diving problem lots of guys reported.  After working out the correct CG, the maiden flight went off without a hitch.  It’s a beautiful model to see in the sky and really looks the part.  6mm RC also freely make available some fantastic decals for this one too!

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